Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 11/7/2011

 I have had a very productive two weeks, as I was out of town last week and unable to post, I completed two more blocks on my Baltimore Album quilt.  The basket was quite a bit of work and seemed to take longer than any other block so far but my second block was a bit quicker!! 

I did enjoy myself last weekend, spending it with my daughter in San Luis Obispo, California and watched her cheer for Cal Poly.  Very exciting football game as Cal Poly won in the last 36 seconds.  Was again able to watch her cheer at the University of California, Davis versus Cal Poly Football game on Saturday 11/5/2011, in pouring rain for several hours.  UC Davis won (my alma mater) and she was back on a bus for the long trip back to school.  We were all very wet but I did manage to pack a box full of snacks and treats for her and her fellow cheer squad members to enjoy on the bus ride home.  She did say they all loved the snacks!!


  1. Gorgeous appliqué! I love doing it while I'm watching football.

  2. Beautiful Baltimore Album blocks.

    What's not to like about a box full of snacks...! You deserve extra quilting time for doing that. I miss watching my kids perform (music and sports...) But the grand baby makes up for that.

  3. Beautiful basket! That does look like a lot of work but it turned out so well. Glad you were able to see your daughter cheer, even in the rare California rain!

  4. I love Baltimore Album blocks -- yours are very beautiful!! :)

  5. I'm lucky to be able to see these blocks in person. Hey people--these don't just look amazing, they are beautifully stitched too! Way to go, Jennifer!

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