Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 11/21/2011

Wow, what a week! I attended the River City Quilt Guild Quilt Show in Sacramento, California on Saturday with my quilt group, Spring Chicks, and was just overwhelmed with the incredible quilts they had displayed. So many ideas, so little time!! I was so inspired by a beautiful Baltimore Album quilt I saw that I got off my tush and stopped being scared about the flowers that I had to make for one of my Baltimore Album blocks. I just followed the instructions and so far, made two beautiful flowers!! Yes! There is nothing like conquering your fear!!
 I was also able to finish up a leaf block for the quilt, which was quite a pain to do but now it is done and over!! Time to move on to another challenging block.    The tight curves on the leaves and those sharp turns were quite a challenge, I just took one leaf at a time (one a day keeps me going). 
 I also finished up another Hawaiian block, for 4 out of 10 finished!  I can't decide what I am more excited about, the Baltimore Album quilt or the Hawaiian quilt. They are both so much fun.   Although my friend at the quilt show did point out another beautiful applique pattern which I could not pass up and now I have 6 pending projects.   That is it, I will give up sleep!! 

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  1. Hi--it's your friend--the one who keeps suggesting patterns you cannot resist! LOL! I actually remembered to post and had something I could revea! You did check out the Orca Bay mystery I told you about, right? It's going to take me about 8 hours to finish the 244 QSTs in the first clue but the good news is, I only have 30 to go. I'm so proud of myself as you are for that fabulous difficult leaf block--it's a stunner!!!

  2. Your ruched flowers came out wonderful! Love all your blocks and am wondering which new project you chose.

  3. You are really on a roll with the's gorgeous!

  4. Oh my, they are all just beautiful! I love applique, too, but I don't always have the patience for it. You're doing a fantastic job!