Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 2/25/2013

 Although the quilt is far bigger than my design wall, I finally sewed on the borders of the 1849 Baltimore Album quilt I have been working on and it is HUGE. It dwarfs my design wall and really looks great.  I am so close to being done with this one I cannot wait to get it pinned and start quilting it.  I also finished another block of my UFO that I am trying to finish up.  One more block and I will almost be done with this one also.  I worry that I will run out of projects but then I just glance at my pile of UFO's and realize that I could work on just that pile for the next year and never finish!!  Happy Monday and remember to check out Judy's blog and see all the other design walls.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 2/18/2013

 I did the smart thing this weekend and took out a UFO to finish before I start a new project!  I was caught up in starting another quilt when I realized that I would be better off finishing one up first!!  I know, not natural, but so necessary as I can no longer find the bed in the spare room due to all the UFO's stacked up on it.  I spent the weekend traveling 5 hours north to Humboldt State in Arcata California so my son could take a look at the campus.  Yep, 5 hours up and 5 hours back almost to the Oregon border.  I took my Hawaiian quilt with and finished an entire corner with hand quilting during the long car ride. I love the texture that the little squares bring out in the background.  I have had no time this past week for machine quilting as I have been working late and then trying to catch up on everything at home but this next week, watch out!!  I am ready to go and hopefully finish up a quilt at some point!  Tomorrow is a day off of work for President's Day and I am so looking forward to getting some stuff done!  Sewing machine, here I come! 
Remember to check out Judy's blog and see the rest of the design walls.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 2/4/2013

Machine Quilting Weekend!!  I had a blast this weekend as I spent almost the entire day Saturday and Sunday quilting a background called Cathedral Windows on my applique quilt.  Hard to see as it is white on white but it adds texture and a shadow to the background.   It was so addictive, you outline the 1/2 inch squares and then start the window movement and it goes so smoothly and quickly, it gets done before you know it.  If you are interested in this background, check out Cindy Needham's Craftsy class,she details it all out there.  I also started my border for the Erin Russek BOM but only got half way.  Remember to check out Judy blog to see all the other design walls.  Sorry to all my friends who are 49er fans!!