Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 2/14/2011

Another week and a few more blocks. I have cut all the "Rings that Dance" blocks for my quilt but did not get all of them sewn this weekend. I have 10 left so I am planning on a busy week!! This quilt is turning out bigger then planned so I may take a few blocks out, make it a bit smaller and make a small wall hanging for my office! I was planning on a black boarder so that makes it much larger. Decisions, decisions. I think I might finish all the blocks and make my decision then.
I have found my pattern for my donation quilt for Sutter Cancer Center for my Spring Chicks strip exchange. Now I think I need to cut some more strips for lights and I have to find a back ground fabric! This will be very scrappy so the neutral is very important. Also, because I don't have enough to do each and every day, I have four quilts that really need to be pinned so I can start quilting them. FOUR!! I am hoping to enter at least two of them in a quilt show in May so I better get cracking. I think I will give up sleep for lent and then, and only then, I may actually get everything done.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 2/7/2011

Yeah PACKERS!!! My husband is a happy man and spending the the majority of the day at a quilt class made me a happy camper!! Here are the blocks I made at my class and upon returning home walking into a house full of boys/men screaming at the TV. They claimed to be yelling at me as they were happy I arrived home!! I love these blocks and am looking forward to finishing all 30 or 35!! I had the best weekend and I vow to take more classes. I am a bit bummed as I will be late to my quilt strip exchange tomorrow but I have three boys receiving advancements for Boy Scouts, one Star scout, one Life scout, and one Eagle scout, I think I just need to deal with it and do what I can!! So proud of my kids but really wish they could find the dishwasher!! Boys, it is in the kitchen next to the sink and accepts dirty dishes every day, hour and minute!!