Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 7/7/2014

 Good Morning All!  Enjoyed a wonderful long weekend and a great 4th of July.  I was able to begin quilting my latest quilt.  I made this top years ago but almost completely quilted now!  I love finishing up projects and getting them done!!

I also completed the latest block for Sycamore Hill Quilt's BOM.  I love the look of the little pieces.  I have so many summer plans, so many projects to start/finish that I am hoping for the best, which would be 50% of what I hope to accomplish!    Here is my list:

1: Finish up Hexi quilt (sew together the long rows)
2: Start P3Design's 2014 BOM
3: Start Esther Aliu's 1790 Marriage Coverlet
4: Finish up Alex Anderson's Grape Escape, sew down/pin and quilt.
5: Quilt Celtic Solstice (pinned and ready to quilt).

Wish me luck, I am giving myself until the end of September to get all this done!!  Remember to check out the other design walls at Judy's blog

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 6/23/2014

Good Morning!  I finally finished my Batik Baltimore Album in time to enter it in the Winter's Outdoor Quilt show and won Viewer's Choice.  I had a blast and also entered my Flower Garden Quilt and my Double Wedding Ring.  I am so looking forward to working on other projects and starting new applique quilts!  Remember to look at Judy's blog for the rest of the design walls.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 6/9/2014

 Good Morning!!  Last week, while surfing the net in a few minutes of free time, I found the cutest applique pattern.   This is called Sycamore Rose and is a wonderful BOM.  All the past patterns are there and it is a 14 inch finished block.  I thought that was a bit big and shrunk my down by 50% to finish at 7 inches.  I love the size and since they are so cute and small, will be making two of each block in a different color.  one duplicate is already done!

I was also able to remove the old faucets from the bathroom sink and replace them in only 4 hours of hard work and two trips to the hardware store!!   Yippee a successful weekend.  Remember to check out Judy's blog and see all the other design walls.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 5/5/2014

 Good Morning!  I had a very productive weekend, as I am frantically getting ready for a a machine quilting class with Cindy Needham later this month.  I need to have many, many quilts ready to go, pinned and hopefully ESS'ed (Every Stinking Seam) sewn so I can just sew for the entire like a maniac.  I also want to make use of all her wonderful quilting templates to mark as many quilt tops as possible.  If you are interested in machine quilting, I highly recommend Cindy's Craftsy Class or better yet, take her class in person!!

 I finally put the borders on the Erin Russek BOM I did quite a while ago and it has turned out quite nicely.  I also spend the entire weekend working on my Baltimore Album, I am so close to finishing the background quilting on the body of the quilt that I can almost feel being done!!  Excitement!!

Remember to check out Judy's blog to see the rest of the wonderful design walls.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 4/14/2014

Good Morning, it has been quite a while since I posted because I have been working on my Hexagon project.  I am almost done, just having the finish the bottom portion.  I have also stepped up the quilting on my Baltimore Album quilt, finishing up the border design and the echo quilting of the border design this weekend.  Think I am going to enter this one in PIQF.....if I get it done in time!

 Below are some of the goodies I picked up this past week as I participated in Quilt Rush in Northern California.  I had a blast visiting shops and my husband and I spent a wonderful afternoon in Grass Valley once I finished up at that shop. 

 Remember to check out Judy's blog and see all of the wonderful design walls!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 1/27/2014

Good Morning, I finished my Celtic Solstice, Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt from November through December 2013 last weekend but never had a chance to post a picture until today.  I think it turned out rather well.  I changed up the colors from what Bonnie did but I love the purple and pinks.  I purchased the backing fabric and will be pinning it by the end of the week, I hope!!   I also made great progress on my Diamond Hexi Quilt below, finishing all the color blocks and I am starting on the border! I am outlining the entire thing with one line of black to highlight the shape and so far, so good!  I have been neglecting my hand quilting these last few months but I will get back to it soon!  Remember to check out Judy's blog for all the other design walls.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 122/2013

 Good Morning, I enjoyed a long break and took several days of vacation over Thanksgiving.  I was able to spend a lot of time sewing and cleaning!  My house is clean and decorated for Christmas so now I can spend the next few weeks finishing up holiday projects.  I made bags last night, the pattern is called "A Little Duffle Do It" by Karen West.  They are so cute, I made Medium, Small and Tiny.  Tonight I make Large.  I also began outlining my Hexagon project with white so I hope to be able to start putting that together during my Christmas break!   I was very fortunate this holiday and all the kids can home for the holiday!  This might be out last year of everyone being able to come home so we enjoyed it by spending a lot of time together playing games and cooking!!    Remember to check out Judy's blog and see all the rest of the design walls.