Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Morning Design Wall 3/2/2015 Wild and Goosey Weekend

Good Morning!  I have had a blast all weekend making my Wild and Goosey Blocks from Bonnie Hunter.  I love using up my scraps and they have turned out so well.  I am not normally a paper piecing person but this was the perfect week/weekend and I finished my first 100.  I might make 40 more but I think that will be enough!!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning Design Wall 2/23/2015

Good Morning!!  Spent the weekend adding my detail to a block of  Forever Blooming.  I love the french knots!!  Hoping to get to the rest of the blocks done while I work on preparing the border applique pieces.   I also had time to get to a few Wild and Goosey blocks, from the Quiltmaker magazine, April 2013 I think.   These are 3.5 inch paper paper pieced blocks.  Trying to get through my scrap basket!!   Remember to check out Judy's blog and see the rest of the design walls!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Morning Design Wall 1/19/15

Good Morning!!  Finally, finally, finally, I have prepped Block 8 of P3Design 2014 BOM, Forever Blooming!  YES!!  I only have to sew it down and now I can start the border!   I still have to go back and do all the embroidery on each block but that is I labor of love so I am looking forward to it!  Love how all my blocks turned out and so looking forward to trying out different colors for my border applique.  I also finished the top of Grand Illusion Mystery by Bonnie Hunter!  I will be getting it ready to quilt today so I am very excited!   Happy Monday all, remember to check out Judy's blog for the rest of the design walls.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 12/15/2014 Ultimate Stencil FUN!!

Good Morning!  I have had the best week, spending two days up in Paradise, California at the Morning Star Quilts with my favorite teacher, Cindy Needham!  I had purchased her Ultimate Stencil back in September but had not had the courage to even open up the envelope.  So I brought up a quilt that I wanted to design a quilting pattern for some large empty squares and just DID IT.   There is a very nice handbook that comes with the stencils so it is almost foolproof!

 I came up with a nice pattern and even decided on how to accent the blocks.  I left in the registration marks that I used to draw the blocks.     I am now trying to figure out how to quilt my borders, using both the stencils, see below.  I think I like the look of the square pattern and will do something with straight lines.

I love the arrow look of the corner and will look into that shape!   Remember to check out the rest of the design walls on Judy's blog.    Last, Happy 20th Birthday to my wonderful son Nicolas, who I was lucky enough to spend two evenings with while enjoying quilting during the day!  Win, Win.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 11/24/2014

Good Morning, my design wall is a bit of a mess as I have two applique projects at the moment.  Almost done with both projects and looking forward to spending some quality time sewing this Thanksgiving weekend.  

On top is Sycamore Hill BOM, which I shrank by 50% and am doing two of each block.  Looking forward to working on my setting solutions for Sycamore Hill as soon as I finish the last few blocks. 

The bottom is P3Designs BOM, while beautiful, seems to take forever for each block!  I have every block done but #8.   Remember to check out the other design walls on Judy's blog!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 10/6/2014

 Good Morning!  I had an incredible weekend finally putting together P3 Designs BOM Forever Blooming Block 4 which contains close to 300 was a full weekend of putting pieces together and gluing them down!  Turned out very well and I live the colors! 

I spent last weekend at Cindy Needham's Design Workshop in Sacramento and worked on my quilting design on the Grape Escape quilt.  The feather circles the entire quilt in a dark purple and just makes the colors pop!  So much fun.   Remember to check out Judy's wall and see the rest of the beautiful design walls!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Design Wall Monday 9/15/2014

 Good Morning!  I finally updated my design wall and have put up my current projects!!    I am working on the Sycamore Hills Block of the Month (in 50% size) and doing two of each because I am insane!   This BOM is a lot of fun, pretty simple and and looks just fantastic with my batiks!

I have also started P3 Designs BOM and have the first three done,currently working on #4, which might take a while as there are over 250 pieces!!!

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