Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 6/24/2013

Good Morning!!  I had a great week, finished up my son's high school graduation quilt and presented it to him this weekend.  He loves it!!  He was happy it was big enough to fit a larger bed although I did not have the heart to tell him how small dorm beds are!!  He will learn!!  He is heading off to college in the fall and this will be a bit of warmth from home.     I also finished up my Miss Emilia quilt, a mini-Baltimore album applique quilt.  I finished the borders and mitered them on, adding the last little bit of applique.  It turned out so well that I want to hand quilt it!!   I brought the quilt to the Winters Quilt Show this weekend when I helped in The Applique Society (TAS) booth during our membership drive.  I had a great time at the show, tied for Viewer's Choice with one of my quilts and had a great lunch with a good friend Pam!  Wonderful day. I also have all four blocks of Alex Anderson's The Grape Escape quilt done and will be finishing the sewing of them before I start the border!!So many grapes, so few hours!  But, so much fun!!  Check out Judy's Blog for more great design walls!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 6/17/2013

 Happy Monday!!  I have no design wall as nothing has changed in several weeks!!  I did finish and present one graduation quilt last week, as you can see Kelly was delighted with her graduation present!!  I used fabrics she chose on a visit to Hawaii and tried to showcase them in a quilt with her name.  Good Luck at Sacramento State University in the fall Kelly!!

Last weekend we enjoyed our son Nicolas' high school graduation from Davis Senior High School.  He is off to Chico State University in the fall and is looking forward to studying International Relations, German and Chinese with the goal of spending one year studying abroad. 

Also, this past weekend was our daughters graduation from California Polytechnic State University located in San Luis Obispo California.   She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Biology.  The future is very bright for her and she is looking into grad school for the fall of 2014!!

 Last, but certainly not least, today is my 24th wedding anniversary!!   Happy 24 years Stuart!! (And happy Father's day yesterday).   So my design wall is pretty empty right now so please feel free to check out Judy's blog and I will have something new and exciting next week!!