Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 1/31/2011

After spending most of the week suffering from a horrible sore throat and still having to go to work, I did not accomplish as much as I would have liked. Such is poor timing!! Now after not getting sick for years, I finally fell ill a couple of days before a major event at work and just prior to one of my few "Boys and Dad are camping with Boy Scouts" weekends I get. I could have spread quilts on the floor, put fabric everywhere and would not have to worry about cleaning up to cook anything for anybody!! FREEDOM. But no such luck, instead I spent all day Saturday on the couch, nursing a horrible headache, sipping Ginger Ale and praying my throat would allow me to swallow something solid. I still don't have my voice back. Since I was tired of laying around, I decided to put the boarders on my Strip Therapy Mood Swings Quilt top from a couple of weeks ago. It felt good to do something. Next week is Superbowl (GO PACKERS) and as my husband is a huge Packer fan so there will be a lot of football watching!! I will be in Winters California, 20 miles away, at a quilt class until 4:00 so it is a win-win!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Your quilt is lovely. I really like the colors. BTW: Go Steelers!! LOL

  2. Poor Baby! I can't imagine you 'down'!! LOL. What class are you taking in Winters?

  3. I am taking Rings that Dance. i have had difficulty in curved piecing so I thought it would help. I know what you mean, I never go 'down' but I have not been that ill in years! Still had to feed kids, get them to their stuff and work! I am beat still.

  4. Wow, I like this. I find doing blocks..easy, completing quilt...still sewing!

  5. So sorry that you missed out on a relaxing quilty weekend, but I guess your body needed to rest more than it needed to quilt. Your batik quilt looks fabulous!

  6. I love your quilt, and am sorry that you missed out on taking over the house! Can you send them out on another trip??

  7. What a super looking quilt, the colours are fab!

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