Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 1/17/2011

What a great weekend!! Nothing like knowing Monday is a holiday and I don't have to go to work to make my weekend twice as productive. I took my BOM from 2009 and framed out a bunch of the blocks, planning on sewing it together by the end of this week. I plan on working on the Quiltmakers 100 block sampler quilt on Monday, since I have the day off!! I may rearrange the blocks a bit more but the format works and it is visually interesting.
I am planning on making my son, who just received his Eagle Rank with Boy Scouts a quilt, hoping to replicate the Eagle Badge!! Any suggestions would be welcome!!


  1. You've done a great job fitting in all those blocks. Keep going!

  2. This is a real challenge to put together blocks that are all different sizes!

  3. Love how all the differnt blocks and colors go together. Think I'll take out all my orphan blocks and see what I get.

  4. Love the block placement. A very vibrant quilt! As for replicating the Eagle Badge, take a good photo and play with it on Photoshop. Print it out, take it to Kinkos and blow it up the size you want (Don't forget to reverse the image). Trace each element in the design and put it on fusible. Voila!

  5. Gorgeous. I love the different blocks.

  6. Great block selection, good luck puzzling them all together. I have seen boyscout fabric, I'm sure you could order some online. There is probably even a giant eagle applique pattern out there that you could start with.

  7. Nice job placing those blocks in a great setting. Really looks great!!

  8. You've done a great job, putting all those blocks together. I love quilts like that.

  9. Wow! That's a bright assortment of blocks.

  10. Those are bright and colorful blocks. I can just see scrappy borders to carry the colors out.

  11. Thats A very cool arrangement!

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