Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday Morning Design Wall 11/1/2010

Enjoyed a very busy week and an even busier weekend!! Love Halloween but the activities with the family did limit my ability to get to the sewing table. Enjoying the World Series game this Sunday, (GO GIANTS) again limited my time spent with my sewing machine. I did manage to take my Mariners Compass Quilt out and hang it up so I can evaluate the borders for this quilt. The main squares are 12 inches and the smaller squares are 6 inches. I used many of my hand dyed fabric in this quilt and I am thinking about using the blue for the border but also the bright green in small stripes. Any suggestions??


  1. Just wonderful! Nice pointy points :)

  2. This is beautiful! Did you paper piece these blocks? I'm so impressed with your points! I like the idea of using some bright green!!

  3. Wow! Totally awesome mc's! :)

  4. Love, love LOVE this quilt! Glad I got to see it in person. (Got up at the crack of dawn--my version of dawn that is--and got #25 of the design wall. Best I could do!)

  5. Wow. WOW. And oh yeah...WOW!!

  6. These are fantastic blocks! I have not yet attempted a compass but someday would like to have a medallion quilt with one in the center. I like your idea with the blue and the green. Simple borders would probably make your pieced blocks sizzle even more!

  7. So how many of the little blocks are you planning to make or is this it? If it is I like the concept of not being surrounded with pieced blocks. I like the way it is laid out and I can see a single border that goes into the smaller blocks. I'd audition whether I wanted to use a small border before the small blocks/border or whether I'd just want the small blocks/border. It is well on its way to being a great quilt. Keep working at it.

  8. Beautiful blocks! I love your bright blue and green plan.

  9. That has to be one of my favourite patterns. I LOVE compass blocks, any shape size and variation. Yours are stunning.

  10. Wow, your Mariners Compass blocks look stunning on your design wall. Looks like the Giants might will the World Series :)

  11. How very beautiful. I can't even imagine making those blocks, or having them come out so great.

  12. I just love your top! It's gonna be a fabulous quilt.

  13. Absolutely Beautiful! Love it!

  14. Beautiful blocks. Any border would look great with those!

  15. These blocks are amazing! I can't believe how much work went into this project!

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