Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Morning Design Wall 10/11/2010

After working one of my longest weeks ever, spending 13 hours at work on Friday, working more on Saturday and for 7 hours on Sunday, I still managed to finish off one quilt top and start another!! The borders on the pinwheel quilt were simple so they did not take much time and I am looking forward to handquilting them with a beautiful feather. The beautiful batik square quilt is all ready to be sewn into blocks (some are done and on the wall) but the rest have to be sewn. This is a kit I purchased at a wonderful little quilt shop in a small country town in northern Illinois called Touch of Amish when I visted the area in August. Lovely shop!! The owner designed her own BOM with representations of each state. Would have loved to have joined but the commute would kill me!!


  1. Both are wonderful. I like the batiks especially.

  2. Interesting offset on the pinwheel borders. I love the red! And great progress already on a second quilt with such a busy work schedule! I hope you have some down time planned.

  3. love love love the batik quilt

  4. Boths are pretty. I can't wait to see your feather quilting.

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