Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 1/27/2014

Good Morning, I finished my Celtic Solstice, Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt from November through December 2013 last weekend but never had a chance to post a picture until today.  I think it turned out rather well.  I changed up the colors from what Bonnie did but I love the purple and pinks.  I purchased the backing fabric and will be pinning it by the end of the week, I hope!!   I also made great progress on my Diamond Hexi Quilt below, finishing all the color blocks and I am starting on the border! I am outlining the entire thing with one line of black to highlight the shape and so far, so good!  I have been neglecting my hand quilting these last few months but I will get back to it soon!  Remember to check out Judy's blog for all the other design walls.


  1. Your Celtic Solstice is fun to see it in a different colorway!

  2. It's so interesting to see what shows up in a quilt done in a different colorway. I had to look twice to see it is Celtic Solstice, but luscious with the pinks and purples. Very refreshing!

  3. Your hexie quilt... WOW!! What a beauty. Love the colors and design.

  4. Your Celtic Solstice is AWESOME!

  5. Really love your Celtic Solstice! I made one 1/4 the size and was so glad I kept it small--until I saw YOURS! You're unbelievable, Jennifer.

    1. Wish I had made the king size version! Next year I will make the large one, I promise!!

  6. Both of your quilts are beautiful. As someone else has said- I love seeing the different colourways of Celtic Solstice. The hexie quilt- Amazing work.

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