Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 1/7/2013

 Good Morning!  I am working on my border setting triangles for the Mimi's Bloomers quilt and having a blast.  I am trying to bring in my inspiration fabric into the corner blocks and so far, so good!!   I need to make 10 of them and then decided on the color of the rails and corner stones for the entire quilt!  This Thursday I am off to Beginning Machine Quilting class taught by Cindy Needham in Rancho Cordova, California.  I cannot wait.  I have so many tops and I cannot hand quilt fast enough with a full time job, 4 kids, dog, husband and workout time to get as many done as I need to!  I need to learn to machine quilt, if it kills me or Cindy!!!   I am bringing 5 quilt tops I already sewed Every Stinking Seam on and then a couple of completed tops that I just need ideas to figure out what to do!  I need to stop working on my applique and pack up for the class pretty darn quick or Thursday morning will come around and I will not be prepared!  Remember to check out the other design walls on Judy's blog.


  1. Those are happy blocks. Nice work :)

  2. Hi Jennifer, Just finding your blog by linking from another blog ... had a quick comment on the oil stain from a few posts back. I have used "Lava", effectively on oil stains and fabric. It's something we have at work and just tried it one day. I also use the dishsoap Dawn. Good luck, and enjoy your new machine!

    1. Thanks Shelly, the dawn worked!! I used a mild solution mixing a few drops with water and then a Q-tip to work out the stains. I can't find them now so I was thrilled with the suggestions. I remember Lava, it was something I grew up with to get our hands clean when I was a kid! Loved the stuff and I will have to see if I can find it.

  3. It gets more beautiful with each triangle you add, Jennifer!

  4. lovely quilt blocks. And machine quilting helps get the job done!

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