Sunday, December 9, 2012

DWM 12/10/2012 Quilting Heaven!

 Wow, my quilt group, Spring Chicks, met last Tuesday and we officially finished our strip exchange.  To the left are all my strips!!  YUMMM.  I did row 3 and row 6 but the rest were done by my group and I am so thrilled.  This will be a breeze to put together and make beautiful.    Below are my last three remaining blocks for my mini-Baltimore album quilt and Block 11 for Miss Mimi, Erin Russek's BOM.   I have had a blast working on each project and I can't wait to finish these as I have three or four more projects waiting!   I am also getting ready for Cindy Needhams' Beginning Quilting class in January...I am ESSing as many of my quilts as possible (stitching in the ditch Every Stinking Seam).  I have 2.5 completed and I hope to have one or two more done by class time.  I feel the need to be ready to go when I walk into the class.    I need to pry information out of her as I only have three days to learn everything I can about machine quilting and I have the feeling that time will FLY!!

I am loving every minute I get to sew each day and I am really looking forward to the holidays.  I will be able to take almost a week and a half off and only use three vacation days!!  All my kids will be home for the holidays and I am hoping for multiple family meals, a few game nights and at least three or four family nights watching a good movie or two! I just need to make it through the next two weeks and I will be good to go!!   Remember to check out Judy's blog and see all the other design walls.


  1. The row quilt is stunning! What a great group project. Hope you continue to enjoy all your sewing--your applique work is beautiful.

  2. Love your rows -- that's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

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