Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monday Morning Design Wall 10/8/2012

Wow, what a great week, I am keeping my promise and working on my UFO's, every evening, every day but I am also managing to get more blocks done on my latest applique project!!  So much fun.  My reward for two hours of work on another project is an hour or two on this project!!  I hope to have pictures next week of something (anything at this point) finished.  You never know, it could be all 25 blocks of this quilt!!  Don't forget to check out the rest of the design walls on Judy's blog!


  1. Oh, these are beautiful!! I've missed 3 DWM's in a row and look forward to posting next week. I'll be home late tomorrow after a wonderful, colorful and fun vacation!

  2. Those are beautiful blocks. Your applique looks fantastic. I'm assuming it is needle turn??

    1. Nope, I only do needle turn on Hawaiian Quilts. I do freezer paper and starch then glue it down with Roxanne's glue baste. Love the method, works great and nothing moves during the sew down. I tried needle turn before and everything shifted and moved so I stopped with applique. Now I love it and do it every day!!

  3. Those blocks are gorgeous - they look so perfect!

  4. Lovely, lovely blocks. Your fabrics are perfect.

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