Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday Morning Design Wall 10/15/2012

 Another productive week! I was able to finish off three more blocks for my mini-Baltimore Album.  I am enjoying this so much I have a dilemma.  Do I just do them quickly and enjoy every minute or do I slow down and savor each one?? This is like reading a great book so fast that it is over way to quickly.  Sigh!  I was able to attend the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara California on Friday.  I had a great time and actually purchased a new applique pattern, I bought P3 Designs Baltimore Halloween.  It looks like so much fun but I will be waiting to start the quilt, as I am trying to finish up some already started projects.
 I went from PIQF in Santa Clara to visit my daughter in San Luis Obispo for Parent Weekend at Cal Poly.  This is her senior year, her last year to cheer for the college and I had a great time visiting with her, attending her lunch for her sorority and then the Cal Poly football game.  There is a picture of her below cheering for the team, in the group picture she is somewhere at the bottom of the pyramid!  She is hoping her competition stunt squad makes the national competition and wins enough to go back to compete in Florida at spring break! 

 Below is my actual design wall, and yes it is pieced.  I was cleaning out my closet the other week and came across the stack of blocks on a shelf.  I made these after taking Margaret Miller's class several years ago, I just made the blocks for fun but never did come up with a setting solution.  Here is one idea, but I will be trying several over the next week, maybe on point???  The amazing part is the put the blocks away with the rest of the fabric!  YIPPEE! I have all the stuff to finish it off!

 My beautiful daughter, cheering for her team at the football game!


  1. What an unusual block and I love it! Also...Your applique' is beautiful.

  2. The applique blocks are wonderful! And that is a very interesting block. You are a quilting master - whether applique or piecing!

  3. I was looking for an applique block in the thumbnails on Judy's blog for your Monday post! I adore this black and while block/quilt! You've noticed I haven't posted in 3 weeks? Not that I've done nothing, just nothing exciting enough to put up. I missed PIQF but glad you got to go.Going to the Giants game tonight!!--GO GIANTS!!)

  4. Lovely applique blocks! Putting the extra fabric with the blocks is a really good thing. I wish I did that more often.

  5. Gorgeous blocks! I vote for slow down and enjoy/savour each one :)

  6. What a great and dynamic block. Hope you are having fun planning the setting. I, too, try to slow down when doing applique but I just love seeing it come together. And, there will always be another block/quilt to do. Hence, your new pattern. ;-)

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