Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 10/10/2011

What a beautiful weather we enjoyed here in Northern California this past weekend.  I need to actually get outside at some point this week and enjoy the cool crisp fall weather before the rain hits!  I took a Hawaiian Applique Class on Sunday afternoon and this was the first time I have attempted needle turn applique.  I have been hooked on freezer paper applique but since you bast down the fabric before you attempt to needle turn, at least it stays in place and there are no pesky pins to catch the thread every stitch!!  I have only done the upper left hand corner so far but so far so good!!   Just what I did not need, another project!!

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  1. I bet that was a fun class! You block looks beautiful!

  2. You are doing a beautiful job, Jennifer. I love your fabric and the breadfruit pattern.

  3. Beautiful. I need to try needle turn one of these days. I am also a freezer paper kinda gal :)

  4. Nice job so far. Your applique fabric is really pretty. Did you know that making a breadfruit as your first Hawaiian applique means that you will make many more?

  5. Of course you needed a new project, it's been, what, a week? :) New projects are like potato chips...

    It looks absolutely beautiful, by the way!

  6. And just where did you take this class? It's hard to have 2 good ways to choose from to complete a project. Now you'll never get outside!

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