Thursday, October 13, 2011

Applique Thursday 10/13/2011

Sigh, another day, another applique block.  I realized over this past week that in order to complete all the projects I want to do, finish the one's I have started and dig deeper into other projects, I will have to quit my job so I can sew full time.  Hummm.....can I make that work?   Lets see, two kids in college and two pending, one dog that likes to eat, kids that like to eat, house to pay for and fabric to buy.  OK, I guess I will keep working because the most important thing on my list is the ability to buy fabric!!  I just ordered 10 yards of fabric for the next applique project (yes, I am stocking up on the fabric before even reaching the halfway point in the current project)   Here is my next block in the Baltimore Album quilt, I have lost count as to which number this is out of the 25 I will be doing as I accidental got out of order a couple of weeks ago.  I may have to do a count this next week to see how many I have left.  Maybe time to start the huge applique boarder????   This project may take longer then I had hoped but I can always get ready to start the next one!!    Time to try the Lottery??   

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  1. You excell at applique, Jennifer. It is always a thrill to come see what you have done. 15 hours day?! Wow! There are many reasons to buy fabric ahead of time -it might not be there if you don't buy it now -hehe.