Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 9/5/2011

Labor Day!  A day where instead of laboring at the office, I labor at home.  I caught up on chores these past few days so I can catch up on my multiple quilting projects.  I am hoping to pin two quilts....(hope lives eternal) and then maybe work on a few more applique blocks.   This is my new applique project, a Baltimore Album quilt done in green and red with gold and brown accents but updated as I am doing in batiks!!  The patterns will be challenging but I am really looking forward to working on them and doing a quilt from the 1850-1880's.  Love modern and brights but something keeps bringing me back to the old patterns.

Remember to check out Judy's blog and see what is on everyone else's design wall!!


  1. ohhh lovely! This is the kind of project that can take on a life of its own. Can't wait to see it progress!

  2. Haha Jennifer -- I liked the way you put that, "laboring at home"! Your applique work is gorgeous. Very nicely done! Happy Labor Day! :)

  3. Baltimore album in batiks!! sounds wonderful

  4. Your applique' is just gorgeous. I've seen your group's work over on Diane's blog. Your Baltimore album is just going to be wonderful, and I love it in batiks.

  5. The applique is beautiful. Love your project.

  6. Your laboring is so beautiful. Another wonderful applique quilt in the works - congrats, Jennifer.

  7. I think modern brights and traditional patterns is the best of both worlds. Your Baltimore block looks great! Hope is living eternally over here too!:)

  8. Another applique project!!!??? Cheeeze! I'm on vacation until the 18th (annual east coast trip) so no posting for me for a couple of weeks. I did FINISH 2 quilts last week but They've been on my wall too many times to post them again. Still. . . feels good!

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