Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 9/12/2011 Help Me Decide!

Ok, I finally finished all the blocks for Florabunda!!  I also remade the entire center block as I was unhappy at the end with my color choices, especially the green for the main leaves.  So, rather than be unhappy, I remade!!  Please look at the two separate pictures and let me know which one you like, the first one or the remade one!!  The one on the left is the NEW block and the one on the right is the OLD block.   I am hoping to work on setting plans this week so I need to know which block to use.  Nothing will go to waste as I will make a wall hanging for my office with the remaining one!!


  1. I like the one with the darker shade of green. The green in the other block looks too washed out.

  2. hmmm, I am leaning toward the one on the left. I like how it looks in the quilt. If the other block isn't going to work for your wall hanging you could send it to me ;) because I am a non applique quilter!!!!!

  3. I also vote for the one on the left. It's an amazing quilt!

  4. I like the one on the right. I think the colors are brighter and giving more contrast so that the elements of the block stand out more. I'd be happier with that one than the one on the left :)

  5. OK, I was going with the pictures on the bottom, where you have the blocks in the opposite corners *sigh* I like the one on the left in the picture of the design wall, but the one on the right in the pictures underneath :)

  6. They are both lovely, but I prefer the one with the more intense colours on the left.

  7. I, too like the one on the left in the full picture and the one on the right where they are individually pictured. I like the intensity of the colors and I love the orange flowers.

  8. I like the old one, Jennifer. They may look different in person but I like the more intense center flowers and shades of green. Check out my DWM post--you'll get a kick out of it I think! Wouldn't you know I forgot to post earlier and since I'm on EDT, I would have beaten even YOU I think!

  9. I was immediately drawn to the NEW block before I read your description. You are going to get 50-50, no doubt, from your helper comments :) Great idea to use the "loser" in a wall quilt. Both are beautiful.

  10. I like the new block better too. I like the less blue in the green leaves and the darker orange flowers make a bigger statement against the similar colors in the sun face on the vase (what interesting fabric!). It was a lot of work to remake it, but I think you made the right call. You can always quilt the other one by itself as a wall hanging for someone because it is lovely too.

  11. I am drawn to the one to the right. They both work really well with the small blocks. Picking one can be so hard. I am having the same problem picking a colourscheme for the tweets center block. I really like what you have done with Florabunda and can hardly wait to see it finished. Good luck picking your favourite for the center.

  12. I like the one on the right - I like the deeper colors. Good luck!

  13. I like the one with the darker, brighter colors - on the right in the bottom picture on the left with the rest of the blocks. Great job keeping up with that block of the month project!

  14. I like them both, but lean toward the right if you're only going to use one of them.

    Beautiful work!

  15. They both look good to Your work is excellent.

  16. Did you already finish this? I love your blocks! I like the block with the more vibrant colors (the left block in the photo that shows all blocks together, in the right when the blocks are photographed separately). Can't wait to see a photo of the finished product - this is gorgeous! :)

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