Sunday, April 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday 4/11/2011

Wonderful weekend and I started quilting my Mariners Compass quilt this weekend after being just to scared to start machine quilting it. So far so good!! I enjoyed a great trip to Auburn California and the Foothill Quilters Guilt Show today and just had a blast. There was so much applique that I think I need to start doing it. The quilts were just so beautiful and they seem to be projects that I can put together and work on over the summer when I travel, camp or just hang out at the pool with the kids!! I kept my purchases to a reasonable amount, only $38 in fabric and I enjoyed looking around, seeing the vendors and their products.

Next week I will be finishing up the three quilts I entered in the Dixon Mayfair, only one is completely finished. The second one only needs a bit more work, has binding and the hanging sleeve is pinned but the third is a bit further off. I have two weeks so I am confident that I can work under the gun and get them done. I can take some of the hand work into work with me this next week and work on it during lunch. Half hour walk, half hour sewing = a happy lunch.


  1. Love, love, love your mariner's compass!

  2. Those fabrics you bought yesterday are sure irresistible! And that Mariner's compass. . . !

  3. Your block is absolutely wonderful!