Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall 10/6/2014

 Good Morning!  I had an incredible weekend finally putting together P3 Designs BOM Forever Blooming Block 4 which contains close to 300 was a full weekend of putting pieces together and gluing them down!  Turned out very well and I live the colors! 

I spent last weekend at Cindy Needham's Design Workshop in Sacramento and worked on my quilting design on the Grape Escape quilt.  The feather circles the entire quilt in a dark purple and just makes the colors pop!  So much fun.   Remember to check out Judy's wall and see the rest of the beautiful design walls!!


  1. I'm popping in from Judy's. Stunning handwork, your fabrics are perfect....yep I'm jealous! ;)

  2. They are both gorgeous, but I'm really liking the grapes!

  3. Such beauties, Jennifer. I so love your rendition of Pearl's BOM. Absolutely gorgeous. The grapes and feathers are stunning too.

  4. Amazing applique, Jennifer!! - And thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I replied on my blog as I was unable to reply to you directly since you come up as a "no-reply" commenter. I thought you should know - unless you already know because you set it up that way on purpose, of course - ;))

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