Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 9/2/2013

 It has been several weeks since I posted as I have nothing new on my design wall.  I have been getting kids ready for school, both high school and college, moving them in and out of apartments, dorms and bedrooms.  I have also started quilting my king size Baltimore Album, which is going to be a challenge in itself but should keep me busy for the next two to three months.  At the beginning of August, I took Linen Lady's, a machine quilting class by Cindy Needham and worked really hard to get to the point where I could start beading my piece of lace!!

I love the blue batik background and I have both beads for the lace and beads for the background!

Nicolas took his quilt to college and seems pretty happy in the dorm and working pretty hard with 5 classes, 4 morning starts at 8:00 a.m.  My youngest begins Junior year and I wish him the best, most of his classes are AP and he will have to study his        tush off to make it through.  Remember to check out Judy's blog for the rest of the design walls.


  1. I wish your boys the best too.
    I would love to see lace piece with the beads, it look lovely! Love the Baltimore with the red and black too! Hope you find more time to finish them with your boys at school!

  2. I love your Baltimore! Someday I will attempt one. I love Cindy Needham and wish I was living closer to where she teaches her Linen Lady's class. She will be teaching in PX in two weeks and I will be driving to PX for her classes, however they are not her Wholecloth class. Nice job Jennifer and much luck and happiness to your boys.

    1. You will love her class, she is fantastic. Just use what she teaches to do a whole cloth, it is just a design concept!! Her class samples are mostly whole cloth examples!!

  3. Are you hand quilting the Baltimore? Great quilt that went with Nicolas. Wish them the best for the year.

    1. I would love to hand quilt the balitmore but I would need to win the lottery, quit my job and do it full time...not happening! I am already hand quilting a mini-baltimore and that is enough because I am still working on finishing a hawaiian quilt I started last winter!!I am machine quilting it for sanity sake!!

  4. Love that blue you have used with the lace. It's going to be gorgeous when it's all done.

    1. The blue is great but I marked it with a Frixon pen, comes off with heat but leaves a slight white line on the batik. I did not test first. After seeing the line I then marked with a white clover marker (again heat removed) and that one left a dark line, not to visable but still there!! Lesson learned, test my marking tools before I use!!

  5. I haven't posted for awhile either and probably won't for at least a few weeks. I'm on the east coast right now being inspired by lots of creative people. Making notes. . . .

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