Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday Morning Design Wall 3/18/2013

 Happy Monday!! I have been working on finishing up old projects as my new years resolution and finally got the last block on my flower quilt done. I am still working on the embroidery for some of the blocks so I hope to have them done soon.    So, since I will be spending quite a bit of time in airports next weekend, traveling to Chicago to celebrate my brother's 50th birthday, I treated myself to starting a quilt I have been holding back on starting!!  Yippee. It is Alex Anderson's grape leaf patterns, can't remember the name right now but it turned out so nice!!  I am working on finishing up some quilts as I just received the notice that Dixon May Fair is only weeks away!  Yikes, I need to step it up to finish a few quits up so I can enter them in the quilt show.  I just need more time!  I spent last weekend in San Luis Obispo with my daughter, husband her her boyfriend.  We had a great time! Next weekend is Chicago...I need a vacation!  Check out Judy's blog to see all the other walls!! 


  1. i LOVE that grape leaves block ... can't wait to see more. I am unfamiliar with the pattern but am headed off to search for it.

    1. So sorry but it is called The Grape Escape by Alex Anderson!! I misplaced the info when I was doing the blog last night but found it today.

  2. The grape leaf block is gorgeous. The black background really sets it off!

  3. Lovely, lovely blocks and great photo of the four of you, too.

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