Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday Morning Design Wall 7/9/2012

GOOD MORNING! Happy 54th Birthday to my husband Stuart! Hope you have a great day.  Welcome Home to my 17th year old son who spent the last month in Germany with his exchange student, can't wait to hear about your trip!!

I had a very productive two weeks, finally finishing every block for my Baltimore Album. I have done enough french knots to sink a ship but I am very happy with the results. Worth all the work!!  I have embellished and I think it looks great.

The rows are sewn together but I wanted to preview it for a day or two before I finish the rest of the sewing.  I am working on the first border so I have high hopes it will be finished soon.  I also finished another from the P3 Designs and  will soon start the next block. There is only one difficult one left so that is good.
Below are a couple of close up pictures of my french knots, the block is fourth row, second from the left.  I was so worried about doing them I initially decided to skip them but a bit of practice and they turned out rather well!!

 I can't wait to get the first border done and I hope to be quilting this quilt shortly after Labor Day once it cools off here in the hot hot valley of central California.    Don't forget to check out all the other walls in Judy's blog.


  1. Your Baltimore album grows more awesome as you near the finish. Sure to be a ribbon winner - I hope you plan to share it at some quilt show. Those P3 designs are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

  2. Your Baltimore is gorgeous. thanks for the closeup shot of the wreath. This is such a labor intensive quilt and certainly a great accomplishment.

  3. So beautiful and all of your hand work is fabulous!

  4. Gee, Jennifer, I know another Baltimore quilt that's almost as pretty as yours! You're a wonder. BTW, my daughter is 27 today, exactly 1/2 your hubby's age!

  5. Great to see your close to finished top. It is Beautiful.

  6. So, sew beautiful. I will never make a Baltimore, so I admire those that do so all the more.

  7. Your blocks are awesome such wonderful detail.

  8. Beautiful work! What a treasures this one will be.

  9. Just gorgeous! Round of applause from me. I especially love all the baskets.

  10. The Baltimore Christmas that I'm working on is a P3 Design too. Love this one of yours. Have you seen the Autumn Baltimore?

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