Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 8/15/2011

Sutter Cancer Quilt Auction Quilt!!!

Another killer week but we had our Spring Chicks Reveal of the quilts donated to Sutter Hospital Cancer Quilt Auction and here is my quilt. The rest of the group can be seen at

We also had a great time revealing our Three Little Words Challenge Quilts, my words were Red, Mosaic and Balloons. So here is my challenge quilt. The rest of our group's designs can be seen here

I also manged to get Block 10 of Florabunda almost completed so I am very excited. I have chosen my next two applique and quilt projects and am looking forward to digging into the next project.


  1. Love the donation quilt. And your florabunda block is beautiful.

  2. I hopped over to the links and enjoyed seeing the work of your friends...great quilts!

  3. Those three little words quilts were awesome! I love your floribunda block. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for an applique book. Your block would sure look good on that list of other applques.

  4. The Floribunda is so gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing all the blocks together.

  5. Beautiful Floribunda block. I love Erin's designs.

  6. I was lucky enough to see these in person! (And I was in LA visiting my daughter this weekend so totally forgot to post until now!!)

  7. Very nice. Loved the quilt with the balloons. It is so great to see how generous quilters are.

  8. Your Florabunda quilt is beautiful (I looked back to see other blocks). :)

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