Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday Morning Design Wall 7/18/2011

Another productive week and I finally finished my son's Cal Quilt after working my fingers to the bone on Sunday. I enjoyed a wonderful visit from my fantastic mother-in-law, Rita, where a attempted to turn her on to quilting!! I think I may be able to get her to try it and I am going to look for a quilt class at the quilt shop near her house and maybe we can take it together. Spencer loves his Cal quilt (which makes all the hard work worth it) and he can take possession as soon as I make the label for it!!

I am almost done with another Florabunda block and just loving the applique project!! Once I am done with this one I am looking forward to starting Tweets from

I am having a blast working on all my projects and just hope I can finish off my two projects that have a dead line!! Next week I need to hit the sewing machine hard (as usual) but I think I can get everything done if I just focus!


  1. As corny as this word is....I can't help but say "COOL!" when looking at the Cal quilt! Beautiful personal quilt---a treasure for sure!

  2. Looks like a 'beyond the block' design. Nice!

  3. The quilt is great! Your block is pretty too, hope you make your deadlines as planned.

  4. That Cal Quilt is Fab U Lous!!
    He will treasure that always.

  5. The Cal quilt is wonderful!!

  6. Wow, great design of the Cal quilt! I can see it sneaking out the house before the label is done....

  7. That Cal quilt is terrific! So original and special, of course your son loved it. Have fun with the applique, it is so pretty so far. Erin is a great designer.

  8. Ohhh love this quilt - nice design and it looks great! What a nice keepsake!

  9. What a great personal quilt. I have family ties to Berkeley so this tugs at my heartstrings along with being a fabulous quilt design. You did a great job with the letters... especially Berkeley where I assume you had to make the letters smaller as you went down the word. Fabulous.

  10. What book or pattern are you working from for the florobunda blocks? Thanks

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