Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Share 8.9.2010

Spent my weekend finishing up two projects! I am always amazed how long it take to get the border on a quilt and I really wanted these to be mitered borders so they took a bit more time!! I love the look of my purple circle and I can't wait to try the Red/Black/White Convergence Quilt pattern but make something completely different with a bit more slicing and dicing. I also began a Dresden Plate pattern after I found out how easy it really is so it fills my need for a take-along hand project. I made my own template and it turned out great. Now I have a chance to use up my bags of scraps as I am working on both a English Paper Piecing hexigon quilt and the Dresden Plate.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Week - Another Quilt

This is the convergence quilt, again from the Ricky Timms/Alex Anderson seminar I attended in June 2010. This was so simple and quick that I put it together in just a couple of hours, which freed me up to make headway into my current hand quilting project!! The colors were chosen by my daughter to fit the decorating idea of her room mate for next year but since I purchased the fabric the decorating ideas have changed. Oh, well, I guess I will just keep it myself. The sacrifices I am willing to make!!