Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday Morning Design Wall 3/26/2012

YES, a double wedding ring quilt started!!  YIPPEE....and yes, just in case you are wondering I have been working on applique but this is just so stunning  I'll catch everyone up next week.....  This class was my birthday present to myself and was so worth it. 

I enjoyed a two day class taught by Don Linn at Cloth Carousel in Winter' California, who drove from Redding California to Winters California  and back to Redding each day for this class (2.5 hours each way).  I had a blast with my other quilt makers and we rocked!!  So much fun to do and not as difficult as you might think, just keep your 1/4 inch seams and dog ears and you are good to go.  I am hoping to make this a four ring by five ring but we will see as I make more rings this next week.  Don't forget to check out Judy's blog and see all the other design walls out there. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday Morning Design Wall 3/19/2012

Another great week on the applique circuit, three more blocks completed for the BOM at Cloth Carousel.  So what that I have no idea which block they are working on for March 2012, if I do them all, I will eventually get to the right one!  

Had a blast today at the Valley Quilt Guild show in Yuba City, California.  I was so impressed with all the beautiful quilts.  I saw the most beautiful Dear Jane quilt with a wonderful story and I cannot wait to start mine.....hopefully this summer.    Thanks for checking out my design wall and don't forget to check out Judy's blog and see the rest of the wonderful quilt work in progress.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday Morning Design Wall 3/12/2012

Another week and three more blocks!  I am having a blast as I am using fabric outside of my comfort zone and just having fun with the design and the colors.  The crazier the better!  This is so NOT like me so I am having a bit of difficulty but the more I do it, the better it seems to go.  My favorite fabric is the green polka dot and the red plaid fabrics so as that goes, the flower block with the red plaid is the best yet!  Now this is the Cloth Carousel's Applique BOM but there are only 12 months in the year and 20 block patterns!   I figured I would just do them all in order and eventually hit all the blocks they pull for the BOM!  I'll just be a step ahead. 

Thanks for checking out my blog and remember to go to Judy's page and see all the design walls!  SO MUCH FUN!   My favorite time to spend my lunch on Monday afternoon.
Love the pink flowers on this one, but the leaves were my favorite!!  The point of one leaf was difficult but I finally got it.  Persistence is a virtue. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monday Morning Design Wall 3/5/2012

YES! The last of 10 Hawaiian blocks is completed!  Now I just need to figure out a setting solution for the blocks (see below).  I am still undecided if I go ahead and make two more just to have 12 (easier to set) or just work with the 10.    Hummm....decisions, decisions.

I also started the Cloth Carousel Applique Block of the Month, which is My Whimsical Quilt Garden by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins.  Can you believe that the first block for the BOM was Block 5??  I can't start on Block 5!  I need to do them in order!   I finished Block 1 today and have block two started and am ready to get going on #3, #4 and #5!!
 Order and sense makes me happy so starting from #1 makes me happy!  I will strive to catch up and be on Block 5 when needed! 

Here are all the blocks on my wall so you can see the challenge!!    Thanks for looking and check out all the rest of the design walls on Judy's blog.